French love to cook

The study “The French and the culinary transmission”, carried out by Ifop and Lesieur, highlights major trends in kitchen practices in France. Small inventory by 5 digits.

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As we know, between the French and the kitchen, it’s a love story. But how do they behave every day at the stove? The study “The French and the culinary transmission” conducted by Ifop allows to put numbers on this very special relationship between our compatriots and their families with the culinary arts. Small balance in 5 digits.

Nine out of ten French love to cook

One thing is clear: the French are crazy kitchen; they are indeed 87% to declare love to start cooking. And, surprise, 18-24 year olds love cooking as much as forties. However, young people are less likely to put an apron every day because it remains a relaxing time for them. It is also among the 50-70 years that cooking is most perceived as a duty.

The kitchen without Dad

One of the most striking figures regarding the transmission: only 5% of the French say they have learned the basics of cooking through their father, against 7% thanks to their grandmother and 41% by their mother. The remaining 47% have learned by themselves, mainly through specialized books … and a little Internet. In contrast, less than 5% have discovered recipes and cooking techniques while watching TV.Always fond of advice, 93% of the French would like to know more about the art of concoct small dishes.

Necessity or pleasure?

64%  of women cook (cook of preparing and assembling food, according to the study criteria) every day, against only 51% of men. A fairly representative figure of inequality still huge in the division of household tasks between men and women. They mainly regard the kitchen as a necessity (35%), while men first see it as a good time (33%).

The men in the kitchen

Logical consequence of the previous figure: men appreciate more than handle a knife and wearing the toque than women. They are thus  46% to love this activity (against 40% of women). Probably because everyday cooking is more about the fairer sex, men are putting the furnaces especially for special occasions or on weekends.

Eat healthy

The study also reveals the reasons that push each other to learn to cook. The first is “to eat balanced and varied” ( 48%) , to “my pleasure.” These figures reflect a deep tendency to seek quality, including product, and avoid ready-made dishes.